Lightning Solar & Electrical

Full Case Study

Here’s the full story on how we helped our client Lightning Solar. 

Renewables & Energy

Project Length
2+ Years Continuing 


Company Size
Medium 30-50 Employees

Digital Stategy
SEO, Facebook Ads & Organic, Google Ads (Display & Search)

Annual Turnover
$10+ Million

What Did They Need Help With?

Lightning Solar came to us with the goal of growing their business online. They wanted to be seen as an industry leader and a reputable company who customers can put their trust into.

Being in an overcrowded industry they wanted help defining their unique selling point and refining the best offer they can provide for their customers, to dominate their market and competition.

Lightning Solar had the goal of becoming one of Australia’s biggest solar retailers which has now been achieved.


We spent a lot of time creating a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for Lighting Solar which was focused on pushing them forward as a company and moving towards dominating a large market share. Our aim was to create a large presence across the industry and push their competition lower in the market. 

The comprehensive strategy we implemented included a full website rebuild with multiple landing pages focusing on Lightning Solars top converting products and keywords. We then started reaching into the hot, ready-to-buy traffic through Google ads to ensure that from the beginning Lightning Solar were seeing a return on investment

Once they were seeing quick returns from Google ads, we moved towards focusing targeting colder traffic who were still in the research stages. This was done by creating over 80+ information content assets (blogs & articles) with the aim to educate and help their customers. 

We create a comprehensive 12 month link building strategy to build out white-hat, natural links to each of these blogs. It was important to ensure all links were completely natural looking and white-hat only. This increased Lightning Solars domain authority overall, boosting our organic rankings for our sales pages as well. 

Being a local business it was important for Lightning Solar to capture their local audience and dominate. We focused on optimising their Google My Business account to get them ranking #1 for their keywords in a large service area. As our authority grew, so did the GMB account bringing in some of the highest qualified leads. 

Our focus then moved towards generating video content around the highest selling products and services for Lightning Solar. We created multiple videos showcasing the lifestyle that comes when you choose their services. 

With these content assets and videos we started our comprehensive social media campaign with the goal to engage users first then retarget them with new content, offer and assets to funnel them through to our end conversion goal.

Once the customer database grew we began to maximise email marketing as a form of engaging our list long term, and capturing any missed conversions from users who were not ready to buy just yet.

Full Strategy Included: 

  • Web design 
  • Google ads 
  • SEO 
  • Link building 
  • Email marketing 
  • Facebook & instagram ads
  • Organic social
  • GMB 
  • Hubspot & CRM optimisation 
  • Video creation
  • Remarketing
  • Landing page design
  • Keyword Research


We set several goals across the campaign but the most important would be the number of leads being achieved each month. At first we aimed for 100 per month but as the campaigns grew we moved to 200 leads per month. Shortly after this we had the goal of 250 per month and now our goal is 300 per month. 

Most importantly, we set another goal to achieve company revenue. When we took over Lightning Solar had a $3m annual turnover. We wanted to achieve a $10m annual turnover which has now been done in 2022. 

Lastly, the main focus was to dominate the competition and become an industry leader. Lightning Solar is now one of the biggest solar retailers across Australia. Since 2020 we have helped them open 4 more locations interstate and partner with some of the biggest brands across Australia like LG, Sunpower, Hyundai and more. 

Here’s the full goals we set: 

  • Monthly growth 
  • $10m in revenue
  • Become industry leader
  • Grow monthly leads from 0 – 750


Here’s their organic traffic going from 0-17k monthly users. 

This graph shows the number of monthly leads generated from our digital marketing. These are exclusive to Lightning solar and generated by our strategy.

Ps. You can see where we doubled leads in 60 days! 

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