ASAP Roadworthys

Full Case Study

Here’s the full story on how we helped our client ASAP Roadworthys.

Mechanic & Automotive

Project Length
1+ Years Continuing 


Company Size
Small 20-25 Employees

Digital Stategy
SEO, Facebook Ads & Organic, Google Ads (Display & Search)

Annual Turnover
$3+ Million

What Did They Need Help With?

ASAP Roadworthys relied heavily on Google ads and paid advertising to generate the majority of their leads. Being in the automotive industry, they found a lot of customers were quick to choose the first company. 

This set the goal for ASAP Roadworthys to ensure they are seen across Google in authoritative positions. They wanted to dominate Google ads and SEO above all of their competition, and begin to slowly push them out of the market. 

Now, with this plan taking action ASAP Roadworthys has the goal of dominating the East Coast of Australia from South to North. There are aims to open more and more locations and even branch interstate.


When we joined ASAP Roadworthys they already had some Google ads and SEO campaigns running. We audited these campaigns and focused on setting a newer, future-proof strategy based on their goals of dominating the industry. 

New campaigns were created across different locations in Google ads, with brand new bidding strategy and budgets focusing on dominating the market share. We really wanted to aim on minimising the cost and maximising the number of online booking or phone calls that they received. 

Next week took over their SEO which required a full backlink audit to remove some of the blackhat SEO links that had been previously built. Within a few months we started to see immediate growth after Google had started re-crawling the links and content. 

After a while, we hit the issue that we were dominating all of the ready to buy keywords and hot traffic on each service for Google ads. This is when we move towards capturing customers who were still in the research stage through articles and content writing. 

This further increased ASAP brand awareness and made them a dominant figure in the industry, pushing out some of the smaller competition in their service areas. We moved towards Facebook to run offers and entice customers to book in with us now and claim the reward. 

Each month we run email and SMS campaigns to keep our customers engaged and let them know our latest offer to funnel them into booking with us.

Full Strategy Included: 

  • Landing pages
  • Google ads 
  • SEO 
  • Link building 
  • Email marketing 
  • Facebook & instagram ads
  • Organic social
  • GMB
  • Remarketing


The main goals ASAP had was to dominate the industry with Google ads and consistently grow their SEO more than it already was. The goal of opening more locations interstate and across the East Coast is still a plan in the works, but is definitely ready for action.


We manage to 3x ASAP organic traffic from 2,200 to 6500+ monthly users. 

As you can see above, we are clearly dominating all of our competition across the Google ad platform and dominating the market share. 

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