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title tags seo

Title Tags

Title Tags The SEO Hack Everyone Argues About But Still Uses… Quick summary: Title tags are HTML elements that define the title of a web page, serving as clickable headlines on search engine results pages (SERPs) and playing a crucial role in SEO and user experience. They help search engines and users understand the content […]

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parasite seo

Parasite SEO

Parasite SEO Because Why Build When You Can Borrow? Quick summary: Parasite SEO involves hosting content on high-authority domains to leverage their ranking power and boost your own site’s visibility. This strategy has surged in popularity, particularly after Google’s algorithm updates that focus on real user-generated content on platforms like Reddit and LinkedIn. These updates,

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Black hat SEO

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO Who Needs Ethics When You Have Rankings? Quick summary: Black hat SEO is gaining traction in the SEO industry, with many experts seemingly utilising these strategies. Despite the risks, these methods are proving effective right now. Particularly with the rise of AI-generated content where black hat techniques are dominating. Even when penalties

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What is technical seo?

What Is Technical SEO?

What Is Technical SEO? Because Normal SEO Wasn’t Confusing Enough… Welcome to another deep dive into the world of SEO. Today, we’re tackling a topic that’s often overlooked but is absolutely crucial to your website’s performance – Technical SEO. Whether you’re a beginning or an experienced SEO expert I’ll be breaking down technical SEO, piece

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